與 Knower Planet 編輯團隊合作共同製作的影片及圖文內容(包含翻譯及字幕服務),其著作財產權為「共有」,也就是Knower Planet 除了有 2 年的中文獨家發行權外,也共同擁有中文版著作權。我們將以保護您的智慧財產權為首要責任,簽訂雙方保障合約。

For all videos, articles (including translations and subtitles) co-produced with KP, the copyright is “shared”, by which KP has 2 years exclusive Chinese distribution rights and Chinese version copyright.  We will treat the protection of your intellectual property rights as our primary responsibility and the two-party contract will be signed for this.

Let’s build something together.