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We are an online training and marketing platform in Asia specialising in mysticism.

Knower Planet is your gateway into the Asian market facilitating the translation and production of high quality online videos and audio resources. Our bespoke social media and marketing campaigns will drive increased participation in your courses.about:blank

Our fields of expertise include Astrology, Kabbalah, Cards, Eastern mysticism, Feng Shui and any mystical field that positively helps our life. We have many years experience in Chinese translation, publishing and design. Our experienced interpreters can manage the launch of your online workshops in Asia.

We provide a localized service and will accurately convey your expertise across cultural barriers. Our company is your online educational portal to the Asian mysticism market.

Knower planet , the best on line course consultant in Asia.



為了精準有效進入亞洲線上教育市場 ,識客星球可為中外各專業領域講師製作翻譯音檔、線上影片後上架線上授課平台,並且利用亞洲有效社群平台替您的課程進行推廣與招生。




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